National Conference 2018 – Academy Pay and Finances

North Northumberland put itself firmly on the association map by taking an active role in speaking on motions in the conference.

Participating to the bitter end, delegates voted rigorously on all of the motions, and delegate Ian Davies, from our North Northumberland association, seconded the last, and quite contentious motion of Transparency of Academy Pay and Finances.

The motion focused on the excessive salaries that some academy heads receive, often to the detriment of staff salaries and school funds that would be better spent on students. The motion asked that National Executive “invest and expose excessive academy pay and abuse of vested interests”.

Academy heads and CEOs are often receiving pay rises in excess of 10%, whilst teachers are struggling financially and have had their pay rise capped at 1% over the last few years. The same heads and CEOs are, in many cases, receiving inflated salaries over £70,000, and in some cases in excess of £200,000.

The motion was amended to include a point that National Executive “pursue all educational establishments to produce a report, that show employees structure and salary pay ranges that would be made public annually”.

There were some excellent contributions from many delegates, speaking of the horrific “top slicing” of budgets for use on items not related to students or school business. They spoke of private trips, fountain pens costing £400, private health insurance and even a dating agency setup using the address of an academy, using funds that should be, and would be better spent on the education of students. These are examples of a clear misuse of public funds.

The motion was unanimously carried.

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