I was in need of professional guidance and the NASUWT provided me with all the support I needed. Their help saved me many anxious moments.  I could have not asked for more.  My membership has proved invaluable.

It is important that every teacher has good quality support from their union.  Seeing that support in action, convinced me to join the NASUWT

I cannot thank my NASUWT rep enough for the help, guidance and kindness given. He was never more than a phone call away and always there to help.

The NASUWT has a wealth of expertise to help their members with work related problems, financial struggles and legal issues.  I am grateful to have received support from the NASUWT in all of these areas.

Since getting in touch with the NASUWT, my life has changed from being on the edge of giving up a 16 year teaching career, to feeling excited about the next chapter in my teaching career.

The NASUWT have supported me when I was struggling financially. They were able to support me with a cheque for several hundred pounds to see me through a very difficult time

I waited until I was at my lowest point before I sought help from my union. I was really worried about getting in touch with the NASUWT but from the moment I did I was fully supported without judgement and wish I had rang and asked for help earlier.

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